Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant

Can I Get an Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant?

Across the globe, men and women alike are looking to take back control of their hair with a transplant procedure. People of all ethnicities can experience hair loss, with Afro-Caribbean hair being the second most common, after Caucasian. Different types of hair can produce various challenges for some surgeons, due to the textures of the hair. It can be difficult to treat Afro-Caribbean hair because of this, and it remains one of the most complex hair transplant procedures. Consequently, finding an experienced medical professional with the skills and experience to do this can be a challenge. At Fortes Clinic, Dr Saeed has performed Afro-Caribbean hair transplants numerous times, with amazing results every single time.

Why Would Afro-Caribbean Hair Need a Transplant?

Afro-Caribbean patients who are experiencing hair loss must be aware of the special nature of their hair and understand why it needs special care over Caucasian and Asian hair. As well as male pattern baldness and other similar causes of hair loss, many patients with Afro-Caribbean hair lose it through traction alopecia. Wearing dreadlocks, cornrows and braids can pull at the hair which can permanently damage the hair follicles and lead to a patient looking for a hair transplant.

Does Afro-Caribbean hair differ from other hair transplants?

Even though Afro-Caribbean hair transplants can be performed using traditional techniques such as FUE and FUT, the characteristics of this type of hair is different, and this can impact the procedure.

Afro-Caribbean hair is drastically different from both Caucasian and Asian hair due to the natural curl of the hair follicle, which also curls underneath the skin. This root type means that the hair becomes harder to ‘relax’, and therefore hair grafts will take up more space and placed in large incisions. This needs to be done by an industry expert such as Dr Saeed to ensure maximum graft survival rates and minimising the possibility of ingrown hairs to ensure a successful procedure.

The great news is that Afro-Caribbean hair has an excellent success rate because of the natural curls in each hair which allows for a dense, thick finish to the patient’s hair. Receiving a hair transplant can give patients a new level of confidence with their new look.

Trust Fortes Clinic with an Afro-Caribbean Hair Transplant

It is vitally important that hair transplant clinics has experience and understanding of Afro-Caribbean hair, and we are pleased that we can offer this at Fortes Clinic. We are experts and industry leaders regarding all manners of hair transplant procedures. Whatever your hair types, we are here to help you.

If you feel that you could benefit from an Afro-Caribbean hair transplant, please book your free consultation with Fortes Clinic today.


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