How does climate change affect your hair and skin?

As the temperature begins to drop and the air becomes cooler, the UK prepares for the winter season. Here at Fortes Clinic, we’re committed to ensuring our valued customers are looking after their hair and skin throughout the winter months just as they would their favourite Christmas jumper. Not only this, but with the ongoing issue of global warming progressively getting worse, it’s never been more important to understand how to protect our hair and skin from the impact of climate change.

In some instances, climate change can directly impact skin aging, skin quality and hair loss. Air pollution can break down the collagen in your skin, leading to wrinkles, sagging skin and colour change. And just like our bodies, our hair relies on protein to grow. Pollution directly affects the number of proteins being present, leading to hair loss.

So, what can we do to combat the effects on our skin and hair from the planet’s ever-changing, tumultuous climate?

Use quality skincare products

Simple, but effective. It’s common knowledge that our skin dries up in colder temperatures, meaning it’s crucial to protect our skin from the dehydrating effects of winter. A good quality body and face moisturiser is key. At Fortes Clinic, we use medical-grade, science-backed AlumierMD products for all our skin treatments, to ensure radiant and luxurious results for our customers.


Apply SPF all year round

Although the weather is cooling down, don’t pack away the sun cream just yet. Using SPF daily is crucial to ensure your skin is protected all year round. Even in the winter months, we are still exposed to UV rays every single day, which can lead to ageing skin and even skin cancer. We hate to bring up the ‘c-word’, however as the ozone layer thins, this means less protection for our skin. Studies by Cancer Research UK have shown a 140% increase in melanoma skin cancer incidences since the early 1990s. In short, don’t skip this step in your skincare routine!


Cleanse your skin

A rise or fall in temperature can directly affect your skin, meaning a deep cleanse is key to keeping your face refreshed. As discussed, colder weather dries out your skin, meaning your skin is more susceptible to excessive oil and ultimately acne. The drier the conditions, the more oil your skin will produce. Similarly, hotter temperatures will also lead to excessive sweat and oil, clogging up your pores and increasing blemishes. At Fortes Clinic, we offer a range of facial treatments, carried out by skin therapist Shailini Karia. Our Deep Cleanse Facial is a multi-step skin treatment, where we exfoliate, cleanse, steam and invigorate your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and vibrant.


Protect your hair

Similar to your skin, your hair is incredibly vulnerable to sun damage. A high-quality heat protection spray all year round is crucial, and not just for when using heated styling tools. In addition to this, as the air-quality worsens and green house gases increase, this can cause damage to the hair proteins, depriving the scalp of oxygen. Colder weather also directly impacts your hair, your hair dries out as pollutants stay around longer in colder months. This can lead to hair breakage, potentially leading to hair loss throughout the winter. Additionally, your favourite woolly hat may be keeping you warm, but the increase in sweat and oils on your head, can also ultimately lead to hair thinning and loss.


So how can we help?

At Fortes Clinic, we always recommend a no-obligation consultation with one of our specialists. Here, we ask several relevant questions to get to the root of your skin and hair issues and guide you on what the best option for your personal needs is. Whether it is surgical or non-surgical, find out more about how Fortes Clinic can help you this winter! Book a consultation today!


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