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Hair Thickening Products

Introduction to Hair Thickening Products

The Quest for Thicker Hair

A full, voluminous mane has been a symbol of beauty and vitality across cultures for centuries. Thicker hair doesn’t only enhance physical appearance; it boosts self-confidence and contributes to our identity. Many individuals are embarking on a personal journey to combat thinning hair, seeking remedies, treatments, and products that promise to restore their locks to their former glory. Here, we delve into the wide world of hair thickening products.

The Rising Popularity of Hair Thickening Products

With beauty trends evolving, the emphasis on fuller, more voluminous hair has grown exponentially. Celebrities, influencers, and everyday individuals are constantly on the hunt for that miracle product that delivers a thick, luscious mane. As the demand grows, so does the market, resulting in an expansive range of products, each claiming to be the magic elixir.

The Science Behind Thinning Hair & Need For Hair Thickening Products

Causes of Hair Thinning

Before delving into solutions, understanding why hair thins can be enlightening and helpful.

Genetic Factors

Much like your eye colour or height, the density and thickness of your hair can be inherited. If your parents or grandparents had thin hair, you might experience similar patterns.


As the years roll by, hair follicles can shrink, leading to finer, thinner strands. The growth cycle may also shorten, causing hair to shed more quickly.

Hormonal Changes

Life events, such as pregnancy or menopause, can disrupt the normal balance of hormones, impacting hair growth.

Stress and Environmental Factors

Excessive stress can shock the hair cycle, pushing it prematurely into the shedding phase. Similarly, exposure to pollutants and harsh environmental conditions can weaken hair and reduce its thickness.

Medical Conditions and Medications

Certain health conditions, like thyroid imbalances or alopecia, directly affect hair health. Some medications also list hair thinning as a side effect.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Hair doesn’t grow continuously but in cycles.

Anagen Phase

Lasting 3-5 years, this is the active growth phase. The longer this phase, the longer your hair can grow.

Catagen Phase

A short, 10-day transitional phase where hair follicles shrink and detach from the dermal papilla.

Telogen Phase

Lasting around three months, this is a resting period for the hair follicle. Post this, hair sheds, and a new one begins to grow.

Types of Hair Thickening Products

Topical Solutions and Serums

These are designed for direct application to the scalp. They usually contain active ingredients that can stimulate hair follicles, increasing growth and thickness.

Thickening Shampoos and Conditioners

These cleansing and conditioning products are fortified with proteins and other volumising ingredients. They coat the hair shaft, making each strand appear thicker.

Hair Fibres

Made from keratin proteins, hair fibres bond with your natural hair, instantly creating a denser look. They’re a temporary solution, ideal for special occasions or daily use.

Mousse and Volumising Sprays

While primarily styling products, they are designed to lift hair from the roots, making hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

Natural Oils and Extracts

Mother Nature offers her own remedies. Oils like castor or rosemary can promote hair health, while ginseng and aloe vera extracts are believed to stimulate hair growth.

How Hair Thickening Products Work

Ingredients to Look Out For In Hair Thickening Products


Approved by many health organisations, Minoxidil one of the few proven remedies for hereditary hair loss.


A B-vitamin crucial for hair health, a biotin deficiency can lead to hair thinning.


Externally applied keratin can protect hair, making it appear fuller and shinier.


Recent studies suggest caffeine can extend the growth phase of hair, preventing premature shedding.

Amino Acids

They nourish hair follicles, support hair structure, and boost keratin production.

The Mechanism of Action

Nourishing the Scalp

A healthy scalp provides an optimal environment for hair growth.

Strengthening Hair Strands

By reducing breakage and split ends, hair naturally appears thicker.

Enhancing Hair Volume

Products lift hair from the root, giving it a fuller appearance.

Choosing the Right Hair Thickening Products for Your Needs

Understand Your Hair Type

Oily hair might benefit from lightweight serums, while dry, brittle hair might need more nourishing oils.

Consider Any Underlying Medical Conditions

Always ensure products won’t interfere or exacerbate any health conditions or medication side effects.

Factor in Your Lifestyle and Hair Care Routine

Your hair care routine and frequency of styling can dictate which product will fit seamlessly into your regimen.

Budget and Brand Preferences

Thankfully, the market has a spectrum of products, from luxury to budget-friendly, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Safety and Precautions

Possible Side Effects of Hair Thickening Products

Products might cause itchiness, redness, or unexpected shedding. Discontinuation and a consultation with a dermatologist are recommended if these occur.

Importance of Patch Testing

Before committing to any new product, a patch test ensures you won’t have an adverse reaction.

Tips for Safe Usage

Always follow the product’s instructions, and if in doubt, consult with a hair care professional.


Hair health is a journey, fraught with trials and errors. However, with the right knowledge, a supportive community, and trusted products, achieving the dream of luscious locks is attainable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to see results?

On average, most products require at least three months of consistent use for visible results.

Can I use multiple hair thickening products simultaneously?

Yes, but it’s essential to ensure they’re compatible and won’t overload your hair.

Are the effects of hair thickening products permanent?

Many products offer temporary volume and thickness, but with consistent use, some might result in more permanent changes.

Why Consult a Fortes Clinic Trichologist?

Personalised Hair Assessment

Every individual’s hair journey is unique. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely addresses specific concerns. At Fortes Clinic, our trichologists conduct a detailed analysis of your hair and scalp, utilising advanced diagnostic tools and techniques. This allows them to pinpoint underlying issues, be they genetic, environmental, hormonal, or otherwise.

Expert Recommendations

Based on the thorough analysis, the trichologist will curate a personalised plan. This might involve recommending specific hair thickening products, treatments or even lifestyle changes. Their suggestions are rooted in evidence-based science, ensuring you’re receiving guidance that’s both effective and safe.

Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Treatments

Hair health isn’t static. As you embark on your journey with Fortes Clinic, our trichologists are with you every step of the way. Regular check-ins allow them to monitor your progress, making necessary adjustments to the treatment plan, ensuring you’re always on the most effective path towards achieving your hair goals.

Comprehensive Care

At Fortes Clinic, we believe in holistic wellness. Our trichologists often collaborate with nutritionists, dermatologists, and other specialists to provide a comprehensive approach to hair health. Whether it’s suggesting a diet that promotes hair growth or addressing a skin condition that might be affecting your scalp, our team ensures all bases are covered.

Making the Most of Your Consultation

Come Prepared

When visiting a Fortes Clinic trichologist, it’s helpful to come armed with information. This might include any family history of hair thinning, your current hair care regimen, products you’re using, or any recent life changes that might have impacted your hair health.

Ask Questions

Your consultation is an opportunity to gain clarity. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, be it about the recommended products, treatments, or even the science behind a particular suggestion.

Stay Open-Minded

Hair health is a complex interplay of various factors. Sometimes, the root cause might be unexpected. Trust the expertise of your trichologist, stay open-minded, and be ready to adapt to the recommendations provided.

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