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Hair Loss Surgery for Women

When we meet people, one of the first things that people notice about us is our hair. While not many are aware Female Pattern Hair Loss is more common than expected. Hair loss seems like a problem that is more prominent in men but in fact, is a problem that women face in nearly as much prevalence. This is the reason why Hair Loss Treatment For Women is so much in trend these days.


An auto-immune condition where the body creates antibodies to fight against the hair, leading to hair loss. It usually appears in an isolated area of complete baldness, and in extreme cases, leads to total scalp baldness. In rare instances, medical treatments successfully cure it, but in most cases, it clears up by itself.


While chemotherapy aims to target the cancerous cells, it often also affects the healthy cells too, including the hair follicles. Wearing a ‘cold cap’ helps reduce hair loss, and in most cases, hair grows back as usual once the course is complete. With regard to radiation, the hair will only be lost in the area exposed to the treatment. Hair doesn’t always grow back in the case of radiation.


When great strain is exerted via a facelift or brow lift, hair loss may occur around the frontal hairline. Our treatments exceed at redefining your hairline.


Localized skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, scarring conditions and infections may cause temporary or permanent hair loss. In the cases where hair loss is permanent,hair replacement treatments. ‍


This is the psychological disorder where an individual has the uncontrollable urge to pull out their hair (either from the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes) feeling a great sense of relief once the hair has been pulled out. This may leave bald patches. Before anything, you must consult a doctor to seek psychological treatment. Only when the compulsion has been managed can transplant surgery be discussed. ‍


Products from hair dye to hair relaxers all contain harsh chemicals that will do damage to your hair. In general, it leads to breakage and not actual fall out, but the severity depends on quantity and regularity of using these products. For actual burns and scars, where the root may have been destroyed, FUT might be the best solution (depending on scar tissue).


Surprisingly enough, there are over 100 medical drugs that lead to hair loss, from blood thinning meds and thyroid drugs to chemotherapy and contraceptive pills. ‍


Putting either your mind or body under immense stress may lead to accelerated hair loss. Either illness, extreme weight loss, high-stress levels or counts can all lead to hair loss. Once the issues are identified hair generally grows back naturally. ‍


Often seen in Afro-Caribbean women and Sikh men. When hair undergoes ongoing strain from things like hair extensions or tight plats and braids, the hairline pulls further and further back. It’s usually temporary, however can become permanent if the trauma is not addressed. In which case, hair transplant surgery is the only solution. There are viable solutions for many of these conditions. Book an appointment today to discuss your options. Click here to discuss your options.

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