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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

We often forget that our eyebrows shape our entire face, enhancing a youthful look and making our natural features stand out. Ask any beautician and you will discover that the eyebrows are a pivotal reference point on the face when it comes to contouring and highlighting facial features. For women, having naturally defined & well-shaped eyebrows is one of the most desired beauty advantages. Particularly so, because they make a face look younger. For men on the other hand, even though the majority aren’t really concerned about how their eyebrows look, the brows still play a role in shaping up the face for that ultra-masculine visage. Hair loss in the eyebrows can be caused by a range of factors that include skin conditions such as alopecia areata, chemotherapy, use of permanent makeup or even just over-tweezing. This loss of natural thickness will make the signs of ageing more apparent. In the case of temporary loss of hair however, the eyebrows will naturally grow back with time. If it happens to be a permanent loss of eyebrows, then the eyebrow hair transplant in London can recreate the natural-looking shape and density you would like to have. You can get in touch with the best specialists to get Eyebrow Transplant in London.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant UK

Eyebrow hair transplants are the perfect solution to thinning eyebrows. Among a range of benefits that come with this type of treatment, you can construct the desired look by discussing with Dr. Saaed the shape, density and overall effect you prefer to enhance your natural beauty. With subtle yet effective results, people will notice something has changed but will not be able to pinpoint what it is. An effortless enhancement of beauty! Similar to a hair transplant for your head, an eyebrow transplant will have hair extracted from the back of your head (generally behind the ear) and inserted into the eyebrow area, following the pattern of eyebrow hair. On average 250 – 400 grafts need to be inserted per brow for a full and complete look, depending on your desired shape and design. The transplant process is complex and requires the best eyebrow transplant surgeon so that you can achieve the most natural-looking eyebrows. At Fortes Hair & Skin Clinic, we consider aspects such as the angle and direction to which we place the hair grafts, among other critical factors. Only through a meticulous process can your eyebrows regain a natural look after a eyebrow transplant. You should, however, note that unlike the original hair from your eyebrows, the hair transplanted from the back of the scalp grows faster. After an eyebrow transplant, you will have to trim your eyebrows regularly to your desired length. Don’t forget that it takes roughly 6-9 months to see the final results of your eyebrow hair transplant. It may seem like a long time for the final result, but we promise it’ll be well worth the wait!


In as much as the eyebrow area occupies a small section of the face, it is still the cornerstone of facial architecture. Therefore the eyebrow hair transplant procedure needs a good understanding of facial anatomy, an artistic eye in design and precision in transplantation technique. At Fortes, we combine the above and promise to deliver your desired outcome regarding Eyebrow Hair Transplant while ensuring expert medical excellence at all times. In a nutshell, here’s what the procedure involves; 1. The next stage involves the harvesting of the grafts, carried out using the unshaven method. A small region at the back of the head is used as the extraction region. This is done carefully to make sure that the extraction region is not visible at the end of the exercise. The area is typically covered by hair. During the extraction, only the single hair follicles are extracted to achieve and maintain a natural look of the eyebrows. A local anesthetic is used by the Best Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon to both the donor area as well as the recipient area at the beginning of the procedure. 2. Implantation of the grafts then takes place. Taking into consideration the angle, shape, and design. After Eyebrow Hair Transplant surgery, a dressing is applied to the donor area only, and the recovery takes about 14 days for the area to normalise.

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